Material Testing & Allowable Development

Composites, ceramics and metals performance

When looking to use a new material, being able to understand its material properties and performance characteristics are sometimes beyond opening up a mil handbook 5. When it comes to coupon testing and allowables development we can help make, test and break most coupons to meet your material’s requirements

Allowables and coupons

Testing of different materials and coupons can take some time and money so it is important to do it right. can be challenging to anyone. Whether you are a small company, or a startup that doesn’t have a material and allowables development infrastructure in place, or a need to outsource some help in this area, M4 can provide another set of eyes, or hands to help you test and assess your composite coupons or materials for your project.. From a basic ASTM standard static tests, to customized complex tests, we can help create a solution that will meet your special needs. If it is a one-time project, or you only have occasional needs in this area, using a capable and proven resource is a good option to have. We can help support and guide you with our experienced team of test engineers and technicians. Ask us and we can probably find a way to help you meet your goals.

Making material testing part of your in house process

Material Testing plays a critical role in validating designs, capturing over sights. and is an integral part of any product development process. It can be done on a standalone basis or augment simulation, but needs to be performed correctly and safely.

If you have decided to bring material testing and allowables development in house, we can help you assess and select the right software and hardware options, create repeatable processes and provide training and technical support to help you succeed as quickly as possible. To learn more about our capabilities in this area click here or contact us.


Allowable knowledge

As new materials are developed the need to learn how to characterize their behavior becomes more challenging. This makes staying ahead of the knowledge curve a task in itself. So if your company encounters knowledge gaps in this area, or feels it needs to know more about Materials and allowables development, we can help by providing classes, mentoring and training on testing practices and processes to help you successfully complete the task. Our team of Application Engineers, Technicians and partners are experts in these areas and can help you increase your knowledge and develop the shortest path to the results you are looking for.  We can also create a custom program that will meet you and your company’s unique needs, and help guide you down the path you’ve chosen. There is a good chance we can help get you there faster and safer.

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