The RapidFEM software provides rapid concept evaluation and structural optimization of aircraft type primary structures (e.g., fuselage, wings, and tail). Simple wizards or geometry input files allow users of all skill levels to create models of complex, built-up structures. Leveraging OpenCascade on the backend, RapidFEM delivers accurate and reliable geometry and finite element models for use in the conceptual design phase.

Conceptualizing designs through a few simple clicks.

Although designed with aircraft in mind, RapidFEM has also been utilized in the wind energy industry for wind turbine blade design and trade studies.

Key Software Features

  • Automatically builds a complete finite element model (FEM)
  • Automatically creates complete structural analysis input files with optimization parameters
  • Supports analyses for static loading, normal modes, static aeroelastic, flutter, and random gust
  • Parametric, or smart, structure definition
  • Accurately meshes wing and body/fuselage structures with seamless joints
  • Control surface definition
  • Hinge models join secondary structure to primary structure
  • Supports non-structural elements such as engines, nacelles, and landing gear
  • Characterizes fuel and payload within the FEM
  • Minimal bookkeeping using sketch feature
  • Export capability to CAD software as an IGES file

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