Rapid Unsteady Store Analysis Tool

Rapid Unsteady Store Analysis Tool (RUSAT) enables trajectory analysis in the presence of unsteady aerodynamic loads with unprecedented speed and ease of use. This software is ideal for organizations looking to increase the accuracy and safety of store trajectory analyses by including uncertain and stochastic effects including unknown release time in dynamic unsteady aerodynamic flowfields, uncertainty in ejector forces, and variability in mass properties of manufactured stores. Increasing mission safety by ensuring safe separation of stores.Deployment of RUSAT within a separation analysis process provides increased assurance against unsafe separation conditions.

Key Software Features

  • Validated against wind tunnel data
  • Capable of running more than 100 trajectories with random release time in under an hour
  • System identification techniques represent the probabilistic portion of the unsteady data
  • Utilizes deterministic and probabilistic aerodynamic data
  • Sources of aerodynamic data may include test data, high fidelity analysis (CFD), and low fidelity analysis
  • Determines aircraft clearance distribution for each condition
  • Integrated with standard Air Force software (FLIP4 and TVIS)
  • Compliments modern test and analysis methods

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