M4 Structures Studio

M4 Engineering has developed a physics-based toolset capable of streamlining the internal structural layout process, assembling complete aeroelastic structural finite element models ready for optimization, and automatically generating a comprehensive weight statement for conventional and unconventional designs.

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• Unified framework integrating two key enabling technologies (OpenVSP and RapidFEM)
• Parametric design capabilities allow for reduced time between design changes and analysis results
• Automatically generates comprehensive weight statements for conventional and unconventional designs
• Overall mass properties (weight statement and cg)
• Component weight breakdown (Wing, Fuselage, Tail, etc.)
• Accurately models and accounts for subsystems, equipment, and operational items using a library of typical components
• Linked parametric aircraft geometry and structural model generation with automatic updates as OpenVSP model changes
• Efficiently develop aeroelastic structural FEMs and generate comprehensive weight statements from existing OpenVSP models
• Automated Wing and Fuselage Layout Tool
• Integrated support for custom component weight modeling

Rapid Finite Element Model (RapidFEM) Generation

RapidFEM image

• Automatically builds a complete FEM from OML and meta-geometry definition file (RapidFEM Sketch File)
• Streamlines the internal structural layout process for conventional and unconventional designs
• Produce complete aeroelastic structural finite element model ready for optimization in days instead of months
• Produces “optimization-ready” aeroelastic structural finite element models
• Fuel/payload/systems mass
• Aero model, load and flutter cases
• Control surfaces, landing gear, stores
• Composite/metallic properties and allowables

RapidFEM Sketch File Editor

• Generate RapidFEM Sketch Files with simple, intuitive GUI
• Visualize RapidFEM Sketch for validation and debugging
• Define RapidFEM explicit sketch cards used to prescribe internal structure such as ribs, spars, bulkheads, etc.
• Setup up complete Nastran analysis deck
• Setup and Run RapidFEM jobs
• FEM Generation
• FEM Merging and Trimming (e.g. wing/fuselage connection)
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