Integrated Hypersonic Aeromechanics Tool

Our Integrated Hypersonic Aeromechanics Tool (IHAT) is an integrated multidisciplinary analysis system for the design, analysis, and system-level optimization of high speed aerospace vehicles. The software implements as an array of analysis modules suitable for the design, analysis, and system-level optimization. All-in-one analysis for hypersonic vehicles.This allows rapid assessment of vehicle performance, including relatively high fidelity analyses, implementation of numerical optimization techniques, and interdisciplinary interactions.

Key Software Features

  • Maintains parametric geometry definition analyzed configuration
  • Updates model as system-level design variables change
  • Computes aerodynamic performance over expected flight envelope
  • Computes the propulsive performance of vehicle
  • Performs simulation and optimization of vehicle trajectory
  • Computes external aerodynamic and propulsion heating environment
  • Simulates thermal response of vehicle and insulation system
  • Determines structural sizing requirements
  • Ensures the configuration has sufficient control authority to perform maneuvers
  • Ensures that an autopilot can be designed to give acceptable closed-loop performance
  • Simulates simple weapon system sensors
  • Provides a Kalman Filter that simulates the vehicle’s flight path
  • Computes the probability of kill
  • Estimates relative weapon costs
  • Uses a parametric cost model based on historical data
  • Easily controlled through an intuitive graphical user interface