Geometry Manipulation by Automatic Parameterization

An especially novel feature of our Geometry Manipulation by Automatic Parameterization (GMAP) application is the concept of morphing tools. Morphing tools encapsulate a morphing task into a simple, reusable interface. They ask the user to specify a desired parameter (such as wing span or sweep angle), then automatically morph the underlying mesh to achieve the specified configuration. Morphing your system to its optimal design.The GMAP user interface shows how the model morphs as design variables are changed, making it easy to experiment with different values.

Key Software Features

  • Dynamically morphs analytical models using multiple industry standard formats
  • An intuitive user interface makes the application easy to use
  • Reduces costs by taking the “middle-man” out of large systems that require many iterations
  • Supports numerous model file formats including CAD, FEM, and CFD models