Generalized Reduced Order Modeling

Generalized Reduced Order Modeling (GROM) software application provides reduced order aeroservoelastic state-space models that can be interpolated across a range of flight conditions. This application significantly advances the process of control law development, especially in the design of control systems required  Reducing barriers to efficient control law provide flutter suppression, gust load alleviation, and ride quality enhancement.The software application is an excellent compliment to modern linear and nonlinear aeroservoelastic analysis methods.

Key Software Features

  • Creates reduced order aeroservoelastic models from large computational models and/or experimental data for rapid analysis
  • Provides efficient interpolation capabilities for probing complete flight envelope; interpolation can be performed on integrated aeroservoelastic models or separately on the structural dynamics, aerodynamics, and actuator dynamics for more accurate analysis
  • Enables linear quadratic Guassian (LQG) control law design for flutter suppression, gust load alleviation, and ride quality assurance
  • Performs open and closed loop aeroservoelastic simulations
  • Evaluates stability of open and closed loop aeroservoelastic models
  • Provides capability to determine flutter onset across vehicle operational envelope