Conference Publications and Journal Articles written by M4 Engineering team members and our partners.

  • Efficient Simulation of Structural Dynamic Systems with Discrete Nonlinearities

    Dynamic loading environments often involve complex loading and boundary conditions. For the case of externally mounted aircraft stores, qualification testing involves simulating this environment with relatively simple test fixtures and load application shakers.

    Authors: Kevin M. Roughen (M4), Jinhua Huang (M4), Daniel C. Hammerand (M4), Daniel S. Stuewe (M4), Shawn R. Hertz (USN)
    Conference: AIAA 52nd Structures, Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference (2011)

  • Balancing High Fidelity MDAO with Robust System Design

    The High Fidelity Multidisciplinary Optimization (HFMDO) application delivers physics-based multidisciplinary analysis and optimization (MDAO) capabilities that are required to develop next generation supersonic aircraft.

    Authors: Katherine Alston (M4), Tyler Winter (M4)
    Conference: AIAA 49th Aerospace Science Meeting (2011)

  • Bio-inspired Armor Protective Material Systems for Ballistic Shock Mitigation

    Severe transient ballistic shocks from projectile impacts, mine blasts, or overhead artillery attacks can incapacitate an occupant at low frequencies or sensitive equipment at high frequencies if they are not properly attenuated by armor protective systems.

    Authors: Jinhua Huang (M4), Helen Durden (M4), Mostafiz Chowdhury (ARL)
    Journal: Materials and Design 32 (2011), 3702-3710

  • Improved Computation of Balancing Transformations for Aeroservoelastic Models via Time Scale Conversion

    Design of modern control laws motivates the creation of state-space models from aeroservoelastic models. Balanced truncation is often used to create reduced-order models.

    Authors: Daniel C. Hammerand (M4), James M. Gariffo (M4), Kevin M. Roughen (M4)
    Journal: Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics Vol. 34, No. 2, March-April 2011