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M4 Engineering offers a holistic approach to PLM solutions across your organization. We start with a detailed process and requirements’ audit, business analysis, business value assessment, through design, implementation, maintenance and user support, so we can help you install and benefit from PLM sooner.

Requirement Analysis & Documentation

We can help you capture, define and implement best practices through your product life cycle. By providing a business requirement analysis, business value and excellence assessment of your current PLM process and looking at your requirements, processes and documentation, we can provide recommendations on improving performance, saving time and reducing costs.

Design & Deployment

Based on your requirements and reviewing your PLM process we can design a robust PLM environment integrated with your MCAD/ECAD/CAE/CAM and other organizational systems such as ERP, or BI. Following your approval we then would prepare the hardware and software, implement & test the PLM system, and then configure and deploy it across your organization.

System Administration & Maintenance

A robust PLM system requires occasional tweaking. Using a Kaizen approach we can offer ongoing system monitoring, administration, maintenance and system/software upgrades to stay current on requirements and take advantage of the latest software and hardware developments. This can help you streamline operations and maintain a competitive technological edge in the process.

Training & Support

Having your people properly trained and able to take advantage of your PLM system is one of the keys to a successful PLM implementations. M4 offers onsite and remote training for PLM applications, business processes and best practices. We can also provide standard/custom PLM training for end users and administrators, in addition to standard/premium support for ongoing tweaks.

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Early in the product development process you can explore different design options, materials, and approaches. The cost of changes are low and the opportunities to innovate are high.  Now is your chance to create game changing ideas or brilliant solutions. Whether in conceptual design phase or PDR, we have software and services that can make it easier. Don’t wait. Contact us.

Requirement Analysis & DOcumentation

We offer:

  • PLM process and requirements audit and review 
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Business value and excellence assessment
  • Report and Documentation of all our findings

SYstem Administration & Maintenance

We offer:
  • Ongoing system monitoring to keep your system robust
  • System administration & maintenance
  • System audit, troubleshooting, and bug fixes
  • Hardware/software upgrades based on new capabilities

Design & Deployment

Based on requirements and PLM process review, we:

  • Design and implement your PLM system integrated within your organizational environment
  • Prepare and implement your PLM software & hardware
  • Test and configure across the organization

Training & User Support

We offer:

  • Onsite and remote training of PLM application business process & PLM best practices
  • Standard and Premium support to PLM users and administrators

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