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PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) is generally used to centrally manage product-related information throughout the product life cycle, such as product design, development, maintenance, disposal, and recycling, to maximize profits. It connects people, data, processes, technology and infrastructure to optimize the entire product lifecycle. 

PLM Services

M4 Engineering provides a holistic approach to providing PLM solutions incorporating business/process analysis, business/process value assessment, implementation, customization, training, maintenance and user/admin support.
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PLM Knowledge

M4 offers onsite and remote training for PLM applications, business process and Best practices. We also can provide PLM end user and administrator training and premium support.
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Early in the product development process you can explore different design options, materials, and approaches. The cost of changes are low and the opportunities to innovate are high.  Now is your chance to create game changing ideas or brilliant solutions. Whether in conceptual design phase or PDR, we have software and services that can make it easier. Don’t wait. Contact us.

PLM Capabilties

Maintain 3d Cad

maintain 3d cad

3D CAD is integrated with PLM, so design data is created by a 3D CAD tool and then stored in the PLM system. The idea is to share that data from the birth of a product to its disposal, so the same data can be accessed anytime across the organization.

Product Data Management

Product Data Management

PDM software provides engineers and designers with tools for managing linked multi-file MCAD/ECAD/CAE models.The idea behind PLM is to utilize 3D CAD parts, part attributes and assemblies in subsequent design, simulation and production processes

Enterprise Optimization Solution

Enterprise Optimization Solution

PLM links product design data and related information with other core applications in the organization, such as SCM and ERP, so that product information & design data can be seamlessly shared & managed across the organization, its customers and supply chain

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