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Using good engineering judgement is critical in making the right decisions on product development projects. These decisions are constantly becoming more challenging as technology continues to evolve. Traditionally engineering organizations would approach complex problems by working with diverse teams, each with subject matter expertise in specific disciplines, such as aerodynamics or structures. Each team would use its members’ experience and judgement to develop a workable design in a sequence, which was both time consuming and led to sub-optimal solutions. Using Multidisciplinary optimization (MDO) enables companies to create better solutions faster, by leveraging both subject matter expertise, optimization software and the ever-increasing power of computing.

Optimal Multidisciplinary optimization (MDO)

Creating optimal designs takes knowledge, effort and time. If you don’t have all of these readily available, you be missing opportunities to create cost effective, game changing ideas that can get you to your goals faster. M4 Engineering has outstanding capabilities in multidisciplinary analysis and optimization (MDAO) for a wide variety of complex engineering systems in different industries. We excel at modeling the simultaneous influences among various disciplines in a coupled and integrated computational environment. Please contact us to see how we can help optimize your results.

Not all optimization tools are created equal

Being able to create a robust optimization practice requires a recognized need, a desire to change and an experienced guide, or Sherpa to help you navigate and implement the proper tools and processes that will deliver the optimal results you are looking for. We can help you select the right software option, provide training and technical support to help you succeed as quickly as possible. To learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals in this area click here or contact us.


Sub-optimal knowledge?

If you are new to this area, or would like to learn more about Multidisciplinary Optimization (MDO) or multidisciplinary analysis and optimization (MDAO) , we can help by providing classes, mentoring and training on MDO or MDAO practices or software to complete the task. Our team of PhD’s , and engineers have years of experience in these areas can help you increase your knowledge and develop the shortest path to the

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