Fixtures & Tooling

Hard or soft Agile precision

When looking to inspect, test or manufacture a composite or metal part quickly it is good to have an agile partner that understands composite and metal design, analysis and manufacturing to create the right type of tool to lay up a new concept or test its performance

Soft tools to durable COMPOSITE MOLDS

From prototypes to small runs soft tools will many times be a good, cost effective choice. Sometime it can be challenging for a small company, or a startup that doesn’t have experience in tooling design to make it real. M4 can help you design analyze and build many types of high density or metal tools for your composite designs. We can help develop or fabricate solutions that can meet your special short and long term needs needs. Ask us and we can probably find a way to help. We can help support and guide you with our experienced team of composite and manufacturing engineers and technicians from design to analysis and manufacturing of high density foam and metal tools.

Bringing tooling manufacturing in house

Startup or established company, there are different reasons an individual or company will choose to bring tooling design and manufacturing capability in house. Regardless of your reason, we can help you select the right software option, providing training and technical support to help you succeed as quickly as possible. To learn more about our capabilities in this area click here or contact us.


Is that the right tool for the job?

The field of composite tooling fabrication is constantly evolving and is something many people would like to know more about. So whether you are new to composites or tooling fabrication, or feel you could use some more knowledge, we can help by providing classes, mentoring and training on composites manufacturing, or software to complete the task. Our team of Application Engineers, Technicians and partners are experts in these areas and can help you increase your knowledge and develop the shortest path to the results you are looking for.  We can also create a custom program that will meet you and your company’s unique needs, and help guide you down the path you’ve chosen. There is a good chance we can help get you there faster and safer.

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