M4 Structures Studio

Software Overview

The M4 Structures Studio™ software provides rapid concept evaluation and structural optimization of aircraft type primary structures (e.g., fuselage, wings, and tail). Simple wizards or geometry input files allow users of all skill levels to create models of complex, built-up structures. M4 Structures Studio™ delivers accurate and reliable geometry and finite element models for use in the conceptual design phase. Conceptualizing designs through a few simple clicks. Although designed with aircraft in mind, M4 Structures Studio™ has also been utilized in the wind energy industry for wind turbine blade design and trade studies.

Automate and Optimize Designs

  • Automatically generate comprehensive weight statements for conventional and unconventional designs
  • Parametric design capabilities allow for reduced time between design changes and analysis results
  • Structural model automatically updates as OpenVSP model changes
  • Efficiently develop aeroelastic structural FEMs and generate comprehensive weight statements from existing OpenVSP models
  • Automated structural layouts for conventional wings and fuselages
  • Integrated support for custom component weight modeling

Analysis Ready Models

  • Automatically creates complete structural analysis input files with optimization parameters
  • Produces“optimization-ready” aeroelastic structural finite element models
    • Fuel/payload/systems mass
    • Aero model, load and flutter cases
    • Control surfaces, landing gear, stores
    • Composite/metallic properties and allowables
  • Supports analyses for static loading, normal modes, static aeroelastic, flutter, and random gust
  • Accurately meshes wing and body/fuselage structures with seamless joints
  • Characterizes fuel and payload within the FEM

Key Software Features

  • Automatically builds a complete FEM from OML and meta-geometry definition file (M4 Structures Studio™ Sketch File)
  • Accurately models and accounts for subsystems, equipment, and operational items using a library of typical components
  • Parametric, or smart, structure definition
  • Overall mass properties (weight statement and cg)
  • Component weight breakdown (Wing, Fuselage, Tail, )
  • Supports non-structural elements such as engines, nacelles, and landing gear

Sketch Editor

  • Generate structural layout with simple, intuitive GUI
  • Visualize layout for validation and debugging
  • Define skin panels and internal structure such as ribs, spars, bulkheads,
  • Setup and Run jobs directly from file editor
  • Create and modify FEM models
  • Combine component (e.g. wing, fuselage, tail) models into full aircraft model
  • Setup up complete Nastran analysis and optimization deck
  • Simple setup of complex items such as control surfaces, fuel tanks, and attached systems masses