M4 to Attend AIAA Structures, Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference

M4 Engineering will be attending the 54th annual AIAA Aersospace Design and Structures Event, April 8 – 11 in Boston, Massachusetts. Attending the 3 day event will be M4 team members, Kevin Roughen, Ph.D., Tyler Winter, and Jim Gariffo.

This established annual conference is a widely acknowledged event that provides a unique forum dedicated to the latest developments in the collective disciplines of structures, structural dynamics, materials, design engineering, and survivability. This year’s presentations will address integration of fundamentals of materials development to structural design to enable accelerated materials technology transition to efficient and innovative flight-worthy aircraft and spacecraft structures.

For more information on the conference, click here.

About M4 Engineering

Founded in 2001, M4 Engineering is a collective of aerospace and structural engineers who provide crisis and preventive engineering analysis, research and development consultation. As we like to say, we’re the engineers to call before it breaks.

We combine state-of-the-art software development with expertise in multidisciplinary design analysis and optimization (MDAO). Together, we are able to save time and reduce the costs associated with the analysis of high performance structures typically found in aerospace, automotive, construction, theme park attractions, and energy production, including wind, oil, and coal.

M4 Engineering is proud to partner with the world’s finest private, government, and global entities, including NASA, US Air Force, Boeing, GE, Hitco and many more.

M4 Engineering has offices in Long Beach, California.

To learn more about M4, please visit www.m4-engineering.com/ or follow us on Twitter @m4engineering.