M4 Awarded Navy Phase I STTR for Bonded Joint Analysis

M4 Engineering has been awarded Navy Phase I STTR for Bonded Joint Analysis.

M4 Engineering, Inc., and Sandia National Laboratories propose to create a unique bonded joint analysis and design software tool. Surrogate traction-separation models will be created that efficiently capture the behavior that occurs for real bonded joints. Mixed mode loading, including compressive normal tractions and relative displacements, will be captured and used in an extended cohesive zone element to be developed and implemented in ABAQUS using its user subroutine interface. The mathematical forms for the surrogate traction-separation interface models will be developed and populated using high fidelity numerical models, which include explicitly modeled adhesive layers. These models will utilize the nonlinear viscoelastic constitutive equation for polymers developed at Sandia. This material law captures the complete range of polymer behavior which cannot be captured fully by any known plasticity model. Furthermore, not only is this model useful for simulating variable thermal histories, it is also useful for predicting both adhesive and cohesive failure of polymer epoxies, as shown in the literature. An experimental program necessary to fully populate the high fidelity models and validate the surrogate traction-separation models will be delineated. Successful execution of this proposal will allow a commercially viable software tool to be developed in Phase II.

The STTR program is a highly competitive three-phase program that reserves a specific percentage of federal research and development funding to award to small businesses in partnership with nonprofit research institutions to move ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace, to foster high-tech economic development, and to address the technological needs of the federal government.

About M4 Engineering

Founded in 2001, M4 Engineering is a collective of aerospace and structural engineers who provide crisis and preventive engineering analysis, research and development consultation. As we like to say, we’re the engineers to call before it breaks.

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