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Projects, Awards, Good Deeds, a Technical Blog and Publications are some of the information we wanted to share and hear back from you about.

m4 in the news

Sometimes we do something that brings the media to us with curiosity and questions, and sometimes we get an honorable mention as part of a greater effort that we are part of. Regardless of the reason, whenever the M4 name somehow appears in the media, we want to take the time, capture it and share it with you here.

Agile Intelligence

Having strong roots in aerospace we are able to leverage our experience across multiple disciplines and domains and provide our customers and partners unique perspectives and insights from exploration and lessons learned. We like to call that Agile Intelligence. The ability to understand and provide insightful solutions to complex problems.

Agile Intelligence

Papers and Publications

Through our Research and Development activities, we develop insights and content that we occasionally share with our government and commercial customers at various events and conferences such as AIAA Scitech, Aviation, or Vertical Flight Society’s annual forum or regional meetings. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about these presentations, or get a copy.

Sharing our insights and knowledge at industry events

Technical Blog, How to videos and best practices

Every once in a while a project will prompt us to create a Technical Blog, or share a certain process or best practice that we developed or used to help our customer. With our customers’ approval and sometimes with a kind word or two we are able to provide you access to things we have done, or processes that will help you get things done better, faster and more consistently. If these type of things interest you, please sign up for our mailings and follow us on social media, so you will be one of the first to know once new content is created.

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