Improved Computation of Balancing Transformations for Aeroservoelastic Models via Time Scale Conversion (2011)


Daniel Hammerand, James Gariffo, Kevin Roughen


Design of modern control laws motivates the creation of state-space models from aeroservoelastic models. Balanced truncation is often used to create reduced-order models. In the present work, a reduced-order model that employs a change in time scale in computing the balancing transformation is developed. The transformation matrix necessary to transform the original aeroservoelastic model is found from the aeroservoelastic model employing the recast time scale. Results from an aeroservoelastic wing and a supersonic transport model are shown, and it is demonstrated that, with an appropriate choice of time scale, the methodology results in greatly improved conditioning for the Lyapunov equations used to find the Gramians employed in the balancing transformation.