Modern engineering challenges require unique, creative, and tailored solutions. Engineers must be able to quickly cycle through design iterations to find the optimal solution. Simcenter HEEDS is the premier design space exploration software that enables engineers to automate design modification, analysis, and evaluation in order to come to the best solution quickly. It removes the traditional barriers associated with optimization software and thereby enables a new level of design innovation.

HEEDS Makes it Easy to Build Virtual Prototypes

The user friendly Simcenter HEEDS environment is designed to guide you through the optimization process. The intuitive interface makes it easy to understand and visualize the optimization problem. Taking advantage of this fact enables you to spend time gaining insight into your designs.

  • Drag and drop tool icons to define process flow
  • Connect and interconnect with your favorite commercial and proprietary software tools
  • Easily employ sequences, branches, and loops

Portals for the Tools you Use

Simcenter HEEDS makes it easy to incorporate the tools you use into the optimization process workflow. Most industry-standard engineering packages are supported through pre-built portals. Use the Python portal to incorporate custom run-time code. Combine internal, commercial 1D, 2D and 3D simulation tools with ease in one environment and automatically share relevant data between each portal.

  • Modify native geometry
  • Re-mesh and update simulation models automatically
  • Employ co-simulation or sequential tools
  • Execute Python code at run-time
  • Incorporate cost estimates in the workflow using the Excel portal
heeds portals
heeds compute resources

Make the Most of Your Compute Resources

Simcenter HEEDS makes it easy to distribute your simulation to take advantage of all of your compute resources. Scale your simulation with your resources or your resources with your simulation needs. Use parallelization to reduce simulation turnaround time. 

  • Workflow, task, and core parallelization
  • Distribute an unlimited number of load cases
  • Support for different platforms and operating systems
  • Leverage efficient licensing schemes, HPCs (high performance computers), and cloud resources

Proprietary Design Exploration Technology

Simcenter HEEDS incorporates functionality that leverages global-local search strategies. This enables it to not only converge on a solution quickly but to also explore the full domain of solutions. Simcenter HEEDS makes it easy to set up an optimization study, yet allows users to incorporate feedback on higher performing families of designs. Let Simcenter HEEDS do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on innovation.

  • Dynamic global-local search algorithm (SHERPA)
  • Identify better designs in a shorter amount of time
  • Set a time limit and let Simcenter HEEDS find the best solution in the allotted time
  • Works well with many design variables, constraints, and objectives
heeds sherpa
heeds insights

Gain insights about your design

Would you like to learn more about your design performance? How about how implementing a cost-reduction effort will impact your key product characteristics? Simcenter HEEDS makes it easy to compare design alternatives and to identify families of top performing designs. This enables tailored design choices that take into account competing objectives and constraints.

  • View sensitivity to design variables
  • Observe trends in the design characteristics
  • View solution results for selected cases as you survey the solution domain

Innovate like never before

Using simulation in the design process has enabled extensive design innovations by reducing product development cost and time-to-market. Simcenter HEEDS enables the next level of breakthrough by allowing you to define constraints and objectives and letting the design be a variable. Explore thousands of configurations in the time it would take to do a handful. Review sensitivity to key design parameters and gain valuable insights that will enable you to design better products, faster.
heeds innovation

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