Developing the Aerodynamics Module for the Integrated Multidisciplinary Optimization Object System (2011)


Steven Doyle, Katherine Alston, and Tyler Winter


The Integrated Multidisciplinary Optimization Objects (IMOO) System delivers physics-based multidisciplinary analysis and optimization (MDAO) capabilities that are required to develop next generation subsonic, supersonic, and hypersonic aircraft. The software tools and approaches accurately model prediction of vehicle performance, interdisciplinary couplings, and system-level evaluation of the benefits and risks. M4 Engineering (experts in high fidelity MDAO processes) is working with NASA Glenn (who is currently developing a Python-based MDAO framework called OpenMDAO) to combine their specialties to deliver a modular design environment suitable to the high fidelity analysis and design of coupled systems. The key elements of this toolset include an object-oriented integration framework, common objects, and analysis modules that based on custom data types. The IMOO system utilizes Geometry Manipulation by Automatic Parameterization (GMAP) and RapidFEM for advanced parametric geometry and grid generation technology for aerodynamic and structural models. Both GMAP and RapidFEM are in-house applications developed by M4 Engineering. M4 Engineering is developing the IMOO System using multiple, incremental builds each with their own unique
example problem. The Aerodynamics Module is the software component in IMOO that enables calculation of the aerodynamic performance of an arbitrary vehicle design, as well as pressure loads on the vehicle surface. It uses a unique blending of the results between Low Fidelity and High Fidelity results to generate an accurate Mid Fidelity Aerodynamic Database quickly.