Composite Design

Lighter. stronger.

Carbon composites offer the advantage of their high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios. When weighing the different objectives, materials, and design options, composites can be stronger and stiffer than steel parts, with similar thicknesses, but 40 to 70% less weight. They also offer great chemical and fatigue resistance. But is it worth the cost?


Layup or Lay off?

Composite design is bit of a black art, and using the right criteria to make the right decisions is something that takes knowledge and experience. If you are new to composites, or have only occasional needs in this area, using a capable and proven resource is a good option to have. We can help support and guide you with our experienced team of Composite Design and Analysis Engineers.

Bringing composite design in house


Novice, or expert practitioner,
there are different reasons an
individual or company will choose
to bring a certain type of analysis
capability in house. Regardless of
your reason, we can help you
select the right software option,
providing training and technical
support to help you succeed as
quickly as possible. To learn more
about our capabilities in this area
click here or contact us.

Composites or metal? That is the question

If you are new to this area or feel you could use some more knowledge, we can help by mentoring, training, and providing classes on composite design, analysis, and software to complete the task. Our team of PhD’s , Engineers, and Technicians are experts in these areas and can help you increase your knowledge and develop the shortest path to the results you are looking for. We can also create a custom program that will meet you and your company’s unique needs and help guide you down the path you’ve chosen. We can help you get there faster and safer.

Systems Development

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