Fiber or Iron?

In many industries considering the performance, weight and costs of materials and designs are closely connected to being able to meet program goals. In Aerospace, for example, weight penalties often motivate exploring different materials, designs and manufacturing process to determine the trade-offs and choices. Usually aluminum, titanium and composite fiber are considered, but as new alloys and materials are developed other options may arise. Just as a healthy body occasionally needs more iron or fiber, a good Aerostructure program often needs to reassess how it can perform better. By comparing metal to composites and optimizing composite design options companies can explore unique designs and manufacturing approaches that will reduce weight and possibly increase performance. By combining our composites subject matter expertise, optimization software and the ever-increasing power of computing, you can determine if you need more fiber in your project.

Optimal composite designs

With so many composite material and manufacturing options available, choosing the right combination sometimes becomes a challenge. If you are unsure, or want another opinion M4 can help optimize your choices and meet your product weight requirements in ways you may have not considered. . Composite optimization is one of M4 Engineering core competencies and has helped many companies in various industries come to the right decision in this area. Please contact us to see how we might be able to help you too.

I want to optimize composites

Being able to integrate composite optimization and metal-composite trade off studies into your product development process may be one way you can improve your products and meet your program goals. If you would like some help to assess how to do it M4 has unique experience and tools in this area and can help you navigate and implement the proper tools and processes that will help your team create optimized composite designs faster. Please contact us so we can learn more about your objectives in this area.

What is black aluminum?

Treating Carbon Fiber as “Black Aluminum” might be a reason to expand your team’s knowledge composite Optimization. We can help by providing classes, mentoring and training on composite optimization, design and analysis best practices or software to assist in getting the best results moving forward. Our team of PhD’s , and engineers have years of experience in composites and  always available to help answer questions when needed.

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