Structural Optimization

M4 Engineering’s staff has performed some of the most challenging structural optimizations in the world using advanced finite element approaches.  We work regularly with developers of packages such as MSC/NASTRAN to expand the limits of the software and technology.  Our engineers have optimized all-composite advanced-design aircraft (High Speed Civil Transport, Blended Wing Body, Advanced Subsonic Transport) for strength, durability, structural/aeroelastic stability, and weight.  Our expertise includes development of finite element models for structural optimization applications, topology optimization, shape optimization, and sizing optimization.  In addition, through close partnerships with manufacturing companies, we ensure that the resulting designs are straightforward and cost efficient to produce.

Consultation and analysis services include:

  • Development of models tailored to optimization studies
  • Definition of design regions, variables, constraints, and critical load cases
  • Load case screening to identify critical cases that drive the design
  • Topology optimization
  • Weight optimization
  • Determine location of holes and cutouts
  • Provide guidance to structural designer
  • Material and concept trade studies
  • Sizing optimization
  • Multiple loads and boundary conditions, stress, stiffness, deflection, buckling, and aeroelastic constraints
  • Shape optimization
  • CAD parameterization, script-based geometry, and shape-function-based geometry definitions
  • Cost and producibility optimization
  • Tailoring optimization results to ensure practical and producible designs