Structural Analysis

M4 Engineering has outstanding capabilities in structural analysis for the entire product lifecycle, including preliminary trade studies and detailed certification analysis based on CAD geometry or 3-dimensional drawings. We provide analysis ranging from closed form calculations to complete finite element simulations using industry-standard methods and software. These capabilities are especially useful when combined with our structural optimization capabilities that allow the best possible structures to be designed subject to strength, stiffness, vibration, buckling, weight, and aeroelastic constraints.

M4 analysis has resulted in successful flight certification of hundreds of components, including those on the X-47B, Boeing 747, 787, and Airbus A380 aircraft.

Consultation and analysis services include:

  • Linear and nonlinear material, geometry, and contact analyses
  • Finite element analysis with correlation to closed form solutions
  • Industry-standard analysis software
  • Composite and metallic components
  • Damage tolerance
  • Durability and fatigue
  • Energy absorption
  • Limit and ultimate strength
  • Model tuning to test results (if available)
  • Residual strength
  • Stability/Buckling
  • Stiffness
  • Structural dynamics
  • Vibration
  • Weight optimization
  • Weld strength