Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization

M4 Engineering has outstanding capabilities in multidisciplinary analysis and optimization (MDAO) for a wide variety of complex engineering systems in different industries. We excel at modeling the simultaneous influences among various disciplines in a coupled and integrated computational environment. We provide consultation and analysis across these disciplines: structural mechanics, biomechanics, heat transfer, aerodynamics, trajectory, cost, aeroheating, fluid mechanics, and controls.

Structural Mechanics Analysis Capabilities

  • Linear and Nonlinear
  • Static, Stability, and Vibration
  • Dynamic Response
  • Visco-elasticity and Plasticity
  • Creep, Fatigue, and Crack Propagation

Heat Transfer Analysis Capabilities

  • Linear and Nonlinear
  • Steady-state and Transient
  • Convection, Radiation, and Conduction

Fluid Mechanics Analysis Capabilities

  • Compressible and Incompressible Flows
  • Internal and External Flows
  • Steady-state and Unsteady Transient Flows
  • Viscous and Inviscid Flows
  • Laminar, Transition, and Turbulent Flows
  • Chemically Reactive Flows