M4 Engineering has outstanding capabilities in design and analysis of composite structure. We have extensive experience, ranging from part design to tooling design to strength analysis. We have a comprehensive tool suite, including both industry standard and in-house software. The complex nature of composite design and analysis makes M4 unique among engineering service providers, allowing us to support efforts of composite components from cradle to grave.

Consultation and analysis services include:

  • Finite element modeling
  • Strength analysis
  • Design and analysis for damage tolerance
  • Laminate design
  • Design and analysis of filament wound pressure vessels
  • Tooling design
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Ply tailoring
  • Springback consideration
  • Bonded and fastened joint design and analysis
  • Interaction analysis
  • Interlaminar failures
  • Sandwich panel design and analysis (face sheet wrinkling, core buckling, material compatibility, etc.)
  • Hybrid materials
  • Structural optimization