Minimize prototyping.
Drive design with simulation.

Physical testing and prototyping can be expensive and time consuming. While adding simulation to the product development cycle increases the design time as virtual testing is performed, significant cost and time savings are achieved with fewer physical prototypes. FEMAP is the industry-trusted, easy-to-use, efficient tool of choice for your simulation needs.

One modeling system in a multi-CAD environment

Did you know that 82% of companies use three or more CAD formats? (Aberdeen Group: Cost Saving Strategies for Engineering) FEMAP supports all major CAD systems and data types and can import CAD data reliably from a wide variety of sources.

  • Save time by reusing geometry
  • Employ one modeling system in a multi-CAD environment

User-friendly interface to increase productivity

As a Windows-native application, FEMAP is easy to learn and use. The user interface features customizable toolbars, meshing and postprocessing toolboxes, and an intuitive model tree view.

  • Customization and automation with API tools
  • Stress Wizard to get you up to speed quickly

Everything you need to create a high quality model

FEMAP is designed to tackle even the most difficult modeling tasks quickly and efficiently. Geometry clean-up tools enable higher quality meshes. Interactive visualization control and element quality checks aid in model validation for improved accuracy.

  • Automatic geometry preparation to save modeling time
  • Painless midsurface extraction
  • Contact detection and modeling (linear, nonlinear, glue)
  • Composite modeling

Scalable open simulation

Do you use more than one solver? We do. The FEMAP modeling platform is able to flawlessly accommodate not only the most popular solvers but also the most common solution sequences. Save time by simplifying your workflow.

  • High level of integration with NX Nastran
  • Linear statics, normal modes, buckling, heat transfer
  • Add-on packages for optimization, advanced nonlinear, dynamics, aeroelasticity, thermal / flow

Visualize results quickly and efficiently

Powerful postprocessing capabilities enable you to visualize results quickly and easily. FEMAP allows you to investigate model behavior and to present results in a meaningful way.

  • Results enveloping tools to save time
  • Full contour control, animation, dynamic cutting plane
  • Free body tool

Real world simulation you can trust

What do Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Honda, and GE have in common? You guessed it. They all trust FEMAP to solve their diverse engineering challenges. The wide array of capabilities packaged inside of FEMAP enable engineers to solve previously unsolveable problems. For example, FEMAP with NX Nastran played a critical role in the design of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft. Watch the video below to see the spacecraft in action!

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