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M4 Engineering has an excellent background in aeroelasticity. Projects involving aeroelasticity at M4 Engineering encompass a wide range of cutting-edge system development. This range spans from multidisciplinary analysis and optimization tools to analyzing new vehicle configurations to active aeroelastic control to developing new tools for matching existing test data while efficiently tuning analytical models.

Systems Development

 A system for Aero, Servo, Thermal, Elastic, Propulsion (ASTEP) Coupled Analysis was developed that takes advantage of the physics of hypersonic flow to create a CFD-based aeroelastic tool that is uniquely efficient.

Software has been developed to perform coupled aerodynamic/structural optimization of aircraft wings. While coupling of aerodynamics and structures for aeroelasticity and load purposes is now common, this development was unique in that it used the aeroelastic coupling to minimize induced drag. This is done over a range of flight conditions.

Flutter, including the effects of control systems

Static aeroelasticity

Dynamic response

M4 Engineering has developed a generalized reduced order model (GROM) generation method. This method allows for the creation of reduced order aeroservoelastic state-space models that can be interpolated across a range of flight conditions.

A state-of-the-art system for tuning aerodynamic models to match test data (initially created for use by NASA).

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