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aeroelasticity when you need it!

As Aircraft travel from Subsonic, through Transonic, Supersonic and Hyper sonic speeds,it may encounter a number of undesirable phenomena in the aircraft’s performance such as Flutter, Divergence, Limit cycles oscillations and more. Aeroelastic analysis can study the interaction of inertial, structural and aerodynamic forces on aircraft to prevent these problems from occurring in the actual vehicle

Where is a good aeroelastician when you need one?

Sometimes you just need some aeroelastic analysis done. Maybe you don’t have one, or can’t justify getting one on staff. Or maybe your team is so busy and it just needs help. Regardless of the reason we are here to support your program for the short or long runs. Our experienced staff of Aeroelasticians have worked on Subsonic to Hypersonic projects ranging from small UAV’s to HAPS (High-altitude platform station or High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite) and military aircraft. If it flies, we probably have worked on something similar. Let’s start the conversation.

Bringing aeroelasticity in house

Novice, or expert practitioner, there are different reasons and individual or company will choose to bring a certain type of analysis capability in house. Regardless of your reason, we can help you select the right software option, providing training and technical support to help you succeed as quickly as possible. To learn more about our capabilities in this area click here or contact us.

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When is flutter analysis needed?

If you are new to this area, or feel you could use some more knowledge, we can help by providing classes, mentoring and training on Aeroelastcity, Flutter analysis, or how to use software to complete the task. Our team of PhD’s and experts in these areas can help you increase your knowledge and develop the shortest path to the results you are looking for. Since this is a complex topic, we can create a custom program that will meet you and your company’s needs, and help guide you down the path you’ve chosen. Whether you are developing a Drone, eVTOL or next Supersonic commercial aircraft. There is a good chance we can help get you there faster and safer.

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