For private business, government, and global industry, we’re the ones to call when you need answers.

Analysis & Consulting

Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design Optimization (MDADO) expertise in structural mechanics, biomechanics, heat transfer, aerodynamics, trajectory, cost, aeroheating, fluid mechanics, and controls.

Software Creation

Our software applications reduce the time and costs associated with the analysis of high performance structures found in aerospace, automotive, construction, theme park attractions, and energy production.

Our Team

Founded in 2001, M4 Engineering is a collective of aerospace and structural engineers who provide crisis and preventive engineering analysis, research and development consultation.

Need answers?

We provide crisis and safety consultation, structural analysis, problem-solving research studies, and time-saving software development to private business, government, and global industry. We’re the engineers to call when you need answers.


Free Download

CalculatorDownload Com-Pro, our free composite properties calculator that computes effective laminate material properties for composite laminates. Available in Windows. Download here.